Talks including my ‘Top Tips For Drivers’

I am on the list of official speakers for the Oxfordshire Federation of WI’s and regularly give talks to groups throughout Oxfordshire. My talks are designed to be both funny and informative for those that drive, as well as those that don’t. I usually begin by talking about some of the more amusing events that have happened during recent lessons and then move on to my ‘Top Tips For Drivers’, which are of interest not only to current drivers, but also to those that have family or friends that are considering taking lessons.

I encourage members of the audience to ask questions throughout the talk and give out a handout at the end, with my Top Tips For Drivers.

After speaking for a WI, I am regularly asked by one of the members to speak for another local group and I often receive very positive feedback, like the quote below.


‘Thank you so very much for coming to talk to our WI last night.   You gave us a very interesting and informative overview of your job as a driving instructor and at the same time imparted some wonderful tips which will be so helpful to us.   I experimented with your tip on reversing into a car parking space today and can vouch for the fact that it works.   I wish that I had been told how to do it in that way many years ago.  
Thank you again Chris’
‘Thank you very much for coming to the Hook Norton WI last Tuesday and for giving us such an entertaining Talk, albeit with a serious message. We all enjoyed your anecdotes of amusing experiences  encountered, and some of us have already attempted to put into practice some a few of the Driving Tips that you suggested!!’