Refresher Courses

Confidence Building / Refresher Lessons.

Lots of my clients haven’t driven since passing their tests some years ago and others have considered giving up driving, venturing onto the roads only outside busy times and on routes that avoid congested or confusing areas, even if this means making long detours. Often, a relative becomes ill or is unable to continue driving, leaving the responsibility with you. This can add further pressure to your driving, making you feel even more uncomfortable behind the wheel.

I can help! A pupil of retirement age, that completed a ten hour course, over a couple of months, said it had ‘changed her life’. She had been driving for forty years, but had become anxious about her driving and encouraged by her family booked an initial one hour lesson in her own car. I don’t think she would mind me saying that because she was so uncomfortable driving, her driving was of a low standard, sometimes making other road users react aggressively towards her and this was her main fear.

By rectifying a few minor control issues, her standard of driving improved hugely and with it, her confidence. We spent her final lesson driving around the M25 and practicing the John Lewis roundabout in High Wycombe! A truly amazing achievement.

Another pupil, who had passed his test three years ago, but not driven since, found that after just two lessons with me, one on the motorway and one in and around town, his confidence behind the wheel grew sufficiently for him to go out and buy his first car!

If you feel very nervous or haven’t driven for some time, I will drive you to a quiet practice location, where your confidence will quickly build, before we move onto more congested roads.
If you are struggling to park in spaces at the side of the road or generally manoeuvre your car at low speed, I can teach you routines to follow, that will allow you to park in the smallest space or drive out of a tight junction with ease!

Don’t forget to bring your full licence and your glasses or contact lenses, if you normally wear them for driving.